“The Dominance” Movie Poster

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1. Explain the premise of your movie briefly (what it is about)

The Dominance is about three kids that develop superpowers of superhero’s (Thor, Superman, and a wizard). These three kids are siblings and the wizard is the oldest. When her younger brother and sister find out about their powers they go and tell their older sister. Of course she didn’t believe them, but one day on a walk in the woods she stumbled on something. She knelt down only to find a wand, that glowed when she picked it up. The three kids all loved their new powers, but they never knew where they came from or if anyone else had the same or any powers. When mythical creatures started attacking the innocent people they knew that they had to stop them. There were too many of the creatures to face, and one day unexpectedly they were on a walk in a forest and saw a part of it glowing, so they followed it. This leads them to the person that developed their powers. They learn that there are more kids like them and to find the source of these mythical creatures they need to find the rest of the kids like them and work together. Will they ever find the other kids? Will they ever get through this adventure? Who is the source or what is the source of these creatures? The Dominance is a high filled action and adventure movie for the whole family. {write up}

2. What scenes does your movie trailer show, and why did you choose to them?
I showed the scenes of them finding out they had powers and then i showed the scenes that had more action because the action part is the plot of the story. The part where there is a glowing from the tree’s leads them to the lair of the person that gave them their powers. You never see the person, this is done on purpose because it is suppose to leave the viewer in suspense. The last scene that i showed is when the dragons come in and blow fire. The reason nothing happens is also to leave the viewers in suspense.

3. Why does your trailer make the audience want to watch the movie?
My trailer makes the audience want to watch my movie because a lot of people love action movies. This movie is also about superhero’s which attracts more audiences. In my trailer specifically, i tried to make it a lot of suspense but just enough information that you know what is going on.

4. What sound effects and music did you choose, and why.
I made this music using garageband. I wanted it to be up beat and mysterious sounding. The way most music is in action movies. The sound effects that where used was corresponding to what is happening in that scene. (Ex. when wizard uses wand there is a swish sound)

5. What do you like about your movie trailer?
I like my movie trailer because these are the kind of movies i like to watch. The biggest aspect i like from my trailer is the suspense, because when i watch movie trailers, i don’t like the ones that give too much detail that when you watch the actual movie you know what is going to happen.

6. What challenges did you overcome?
The biggest challenge that I would say was finding the right day to film it. Most of the days it was snowing and very cold. We were also running out of time to film the trailer so it had to be done on a cool day. We eventually got the filming done quick and efficiently.

By Alexia_K

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