Spy Kids Trailer By: Alexia K.

Spy Kids Trailer Write Up
I made this “Spy Kids” trailer to show different camera angles. This video is about two kids that figure out that they don’t live a normal life, like they thought. The “spy kids program” helps them and trains them for missions. In this movie the world is being taken over by insect-like creatures. In the video you can hear a voice say that they are not allowed to go on this mission because it’s too dangerous. I made my trailer this way so I don’t give too much detail about the movie. I wanted to give just enough information to make it look good and just enough information to get the audience guessing. The different camera angles that I used added intensity to this because in some scenes i made it close up to make it look more intense. This is what my trailer (different camera angles) is about.

By Alexia_K

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